Haiku Horizons prompt “poem”

Welcome to week 113 of Haiku Horizons. This prompt for this week is “poem“, as suggested by The Bluemoon Thinker, and in honor of National Poetry Writing Month. Haiku Horizons will provide a haiku prompt each Sunday. Write a haiku based on the prompt and link to your post by clicking on the image below. For additional details, read the About page. To offer prompt suggestions, click on the “Prompts” tab. Enjoy!

17 thoughts on “Haiku Horizons prompt “poem”

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  11. Bekkie

    I only had 2 visits last week. I visited a lot more than 2 sites! The idea of doing this and linking up is visiting other people’s work not just linking yours. Of all of the writing groups I link with this is starting to be the worst. At least I have tried. This week I offer one, true haiku.

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