Haiku Horizons prompt “decline”

Welcome to week 19 of Haiku Horizons. This week’s prompt is “decline“, as suggested by Rallentanda. Haiku Horizons will provide a haiku prompt each Sunday. Write a haiku based on the prompt and link to your post by clicking on the image below. For additional details, read the About page. To offer prompt suggestions, click on the “Prompts” tab. Enjoy!

7 thoughts on “Haiku Horizons prompt “decline”

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  5. Robin Leigh Morgan

    NewBie to this site and essentially to Haiku as well. After responding to a few Haikus written by two individuals since May, I’ve begun to seriously seek out more sites when I can write them. I’m a romance author who has self-published a YA Paranormal romance entitled “I Kissed a Ghost,” and I’m currently writing an adult Contemporary entitled “His Darkest Secret” as well as YA Urban Fantasy” with a romance back story entitled “The Secret of the Well” [which is now a sequel to “I Kissed a Ghost.”
    I just finished an anthology of Flash Fictions I’ve written and am now in the self-editing stage before turning it over to a professional one.
    So be “gentle” with me as I’ve said I still a Newbie to ALL this.” I’ve three blogs where I post entries, etc.; my two main ones are listed here,.. so respond to the site you like responding to [WordPress or BlogSpot]

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