Haiku Horizons prompt “snow”

I’ve been looking at the suggested Prompts tab for Haiku Horizons, and the word most seen is “snow“. It tends to have the word “not” in front of it. In honor of April Fool’s Day, I will not be using this prompt today or at any time in the near future. Stay tuned for a *real* prompt next Saturday. 😉

For a bit of fun writing response haiku, don’t forget to visit Haiku Circus, with a new prompt every Wednesday.

3 thoughts on “Haiku Horizons prompt “snow”

  1. cheryl

    OMG you Smartie pants, I nearly choked on me tea when I saw snow thinking o nooooooooo he didn’t.
    Happy April Fools to you too Classie. This is a good one 🙂


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